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There's Always Money IN The Banana Stand. TDP seems to treat IN differently than Toad for Oracle. Anyone?


I ported some SQL over from Toad for Oracle into Data Point. The IN statement in question is


In TFO, passing &COUNTY_CD (varchar) as a comma separated list of values (‘01’,‘02’,‘03’ ) etc. worked fine.

In TDP, …AND COUNTY_CD IN (:COUNTY_CD) returns nothing for (‘01’,‘02’,‘03’). It will, however, return data for one input (‘01’) only. This also works …IN (:COUNTY_CD1, :COUNTY_CD2) etc. with one value for each parameter.

The problem is, the number of items passed can vary greatly, so I wondering why I can’t pass a list of values in TDP like I used to. It’s gonna force me to make major changes in my SQL if I can’t.

FYI, these are scripts in Toad Data Report files, not database step-by-step lines. I use TDP 3.30, Oracle 13.0.


What version of TDP are you using. I have tested this in TDP 3.4 and don’t see any issues.


Hi, Debbie, it’s TDP 3.30.1526. We just got it at the beginning of September, so I don’t know why we didn’t get 3.4 (grr).

Anyway, I just tested it again, and same result. Can’t pass a comma separated list to IN via a single parameter varchar.

Also, I note that you’re able to designate parameters using &ParamName. When I set the parameter marker to ‘&’ in the Options->Editor Application Code area, it ignores it, and I have to use :ParamName.


TDP 3.3 have the & support disabled. It has returned in TDP 3.4 TDP 3.4 is due to be generally available mid Nov. (2 weeks or so)


You can download posted Beta of 3.4 and try if you like.