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Filters using IN operator

Just upgraded to TDP and there seems to be an issue with how it handles IN filters.

First observation:
Previously I would select IN and key multiple values with a comma separating them.

When I click OK TDP stops responding for about 18 seconds, as if it is having trouble building the SQL statement, then when it finishes I can see that it did not wrap each value of the IN list in single-quotes, it wrapped the whole list in one set of single-quotes.

Changing the comma separator to a semi-colon...and waiting another 18 seconds...causes TDP to format the values correctly.

Second observation:
Importing a list of values for an IN filter from a text file has the same wraps the entire list in one set of single-quotes.

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Wow, I am going to be following this one. I use IN filters quite a bit and the IN from a text file so this will definitely slow my down from upgrading from


unfortunately it looks like this is a bug in our new implementation logic for IN filter. We had to change separator to semi-colon as there are users which using comma as a part of value. We will try to change this logic little bit more.

What is more important part for me is that 18 seconds freeze. Can you confirm to me this is also new in this version? Can you tell me few info about your database and SQL? What provider are you using? How big is your table? And how "big" is your SQL statement?

I will try to simulate it and we will create some task for fix.


Yes, the long wait time after entering the filter criteria is a new occurrence. This is occurring on a simple, one-table query in an Oracle system. The query is returning 2 rows of 3 columns (no calculations) from our INVENTORY table. This table has 224 columns and 5.5MM rows. Resulting statement:


Hi, we finally found the issue of the performance problem and we will fix it in one of our next version (unfortunately not in version TDP 5.1 but in next one).
We created task for this item: TMB-1682