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Time adding table to Query Builder too long

I’m new to Toad ( I’m noticing that is usually takes a full minute to add a table to a Query Builder. I’m connecting to Oracle, the server is world-class, my desktop machine is new/robust, so I doubt that it is hardware or server related. I have tried via Oracle Client and Direct connections, doesn’t seem to make a difference. Rarely will the table add take just a few seconds…usually a full minute. Any way to consistently reduce this time?

When a table is added to the Query Builder we retrieve columns info including column types and relations.

Usually columns info is prepopulated in object explorer but the relations are not and getting them takes time. Getting all this information takes even more time when a synonym or view is added to QB.

But as soon as all information is here it’s cashed and the next time when the same table is added it should not take more than couple second.

I create a task QAT-9769 to look at the issue and see what can be done to improve performance.



Is the cache cleared each time that the application is closed?

Yes, for Oracle connection the cache is cleared when the connection is closed.

we do this because you never know when the object changes. Try unselecting this option for the Query Builder and see if this helps.