Toad 10.5 Coming Soon!


I will pick a nit – in the Code Road Map description, specifically under
“Object shapes displayed in the Code Road Map”, you show the way a
“Materized View” is displayed. Is this a new feature in Oracle 11?
I’m not familiar with it.

Nate Schroeder

IT Commercial Technical Services - Data Management Team

Monsanto Company

800 N. Lindbergh Blvd. G3WI - Saint Louis, MO - 63167


Code Road Map is a Quest thing – so we picked the shapes. Nothing really
to do with Oracle or version – more that we inherited a bunch of
capabilities from Toad Data Modeler.

He was making a joke – spelling issue with MV’s J

Aha – jokes should be done in pirate talk J less confusing then for
dummies like me J

Coming so soon that I shouldn’t install the beta on my new laptop which I’ll be using in 2 weeks time?