Toad Data Modeler v. 3.1.5 Released!

Hello Toad Data Modeler users,

I am pleased to infom you that another commercial version of Toad Data Modeler version 3.1.5 has been released.

This version brings:

New Features

  • Support for DB2 v. 9 (LUW), DB2 UDB 8
  • Support on Vista and Windows XP 64 bit
  • Direct import of TDM 2 .DM2 files,
  • Toad for Oracle integration (opening Toad for Oracle projects, importing ERDs etc.)
  • Object Types and Properties (OTPs)
  • Live Reverse Engineering
  • Schema/Owner/Database Assignment
  • HTML Alter Reports
  • Materialized Views support
  • Test Model, Repair Model options


  • Extended Expert Mode
  • Model Verification - Save Settings option
  • Object Oriented Reverse Engineering
  • Enhanced Reverse Engineering Wizard (e.g. Toad for Oracle aliases, possibility to save options within an alias etc.)
  • New Format of Aliases
  • Convertor - new interface
  • Oracle database - RE: Partitioning Information for Tables and Indexes are loaded now.
  • Metamodel - Possibility to add abstract classes into Metamodel.

GUI Changes

  • New default layout of the application with Model Explorer, Application View and Message Explorer.
  • Automatic docking of Model Explorer and Message Explorer.
  • Form caption as window title displayed.
  • Displaying hourglass during the script generation, model verification, model merge, compare, convert etc. processes.
  • Minimize Forms - Option to minimize all undocked forms and dialogs.
  • OK+Add button in Object Properties dialogs for quick adding of new items (e.g. Attribute Properties dialog).
  • Quick navigation in the Object Navigator box in Properties dialog by pressing key in the keyboard.
  • Help button navigation
  • and much more.

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

More than ninety issues reported by users have been implemented in this version 3.1.5. (CRs resolved since v. 3.0.13).
The list of resolved issues can be found in the Release Notes document that is included in the installation package.

You can read about the details on the new version in the Release Notes document available at:

Download and Update

There is one installation package for Commercial and Trial version of Toad Data Modeler. Please read the TDM3_Installation_Guide.pdf document before you install the latest version.

Updating Commercial Toad Data Modeler version 3: If you are a holder of commercial key, the application will update and launch automatically (you will not be asked to enter your commercial key again).
(Note: This stands provided that you install the new version to the same directory where the previous version was installed.)

Updating Trial: After you run the new version, it will open in Trial mode automatically. During the 15-day trial period, you will be able to test all features of Toad Data Modeler.

Freeware version is not available any more.

Download Toad Data Modeler version 3.1.5 from:

Documentation and TDM 3 Flash Movies

Help file, Manual and Reference Guide have been updated.
Help button navigation is available in the application.
Index search function in Help file (see the Index tab) has been enhanced.

Watch new and updated flash movies at:

Description on the movie categories:

See an overview on the documentation at:

Using Version 2 versus Version 3

You can freely use both versions at the same time. Both product versions can be installed on your computer and no problem should occur.

Version 3 can open *.dm2 and .dmx files directly. However, models created in version 3 (.txp) cannot be opened in version 2.
Version 3 does not support all databases supported in version 2.

Flash movie on opening models created in version 2 is available at:

Purchase and Support Links

Visit Quest's online store:

Get Support:
For technical questions contact Technical Support at:

US Offices:

International Offices:

TDM 3 Official Version versus TDM3 BETA

You can have the commercial/trial version and BETA installed on one computer. The Beta version uses different folders for configuration files and other default directories than commercial/trial version. No problem should occur.

Enjoy exploring the new version!
Your feedback is greatly appreciated! We look forward to hearing from you!


Vladka & TDM Team