Toad 10.6.1 is GA

Toad 10.6.1 is GA

I think you’re missing my point. Toad 10.1 written in Delphi X using component
versions Y, Toad 10.5 written with updates to both (minor or major). If the
problem is with AV seeing updated complier and/or components as the culprit –
then AV program may well be in the wrong.

For example I used to use kaspersky AV and then Bit Defender. But both had
problems with apps I use every day. So I switched to Avast non-freeware and no
more problems. So are my apps viruses or did the prior two AV programs just not
work properly?

Since I’ve nevr had problems with those apps and switching to another AV
vendor fixed it – I’m betting on my apps in this case. Mainly because I need
them to get my job done. I realize you might not be able to switch that easily
– but that does not mean it’s the app or its vendor. It very well could be
the AV vendor – so the onus might need to be on them and not the app vendor.

In my case, it was the AV vendors – and two of them.

PS – I also checked my supposedly virus apps with Avira AV and Vipre. Neither
of these vendors reported my apps as broken either. My point – I found more AV
vendors who handled the app OK than those who reported them as viruses. Again
– app vendor issue – not app ….