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Toad: 10.6: Seek clear instructions on automating reoccuring excel reports

Hi Toad World:

I am new to Toad 10.6.1 and have a question about running a SQL script and email data as an excel file on a scheduled basis.

How do I run script and save as excel format and email as excel file to automatically? Thank you for your time.

Below is what I’ve done so far but dont its correct as I get “ORA-00911: invalid character” on step #5 .

  1. Select Utilities | Automation Designer menu option
  2. Select DB Misc tab from right side pane
  3. Last icon in this tab is Execute Script, double click on it to add under Action list
  4. Double click on Execute Script 1 action to open it
  5. Select Text radio button and enter query statement or File radio button and point to SQL file (I keep getting “ORA-00911: invalid character” as well)
  6. Under Output pane, designate the Output destination, perhaps a file and if so, provide path and file for output file
  7. Hit Apply and Cancel
  8. Right click on Execute Script 1 action and hit Run. Check the above output path and file to ensure its created
  9. Under utlities I added the email function, but unable to integrate steps 6 & 9 to automate report

On the Utilities tab, drag the Email action underneath your Execute Script action and then attach the outputted file.

Hi Dennis, I was able to find it. Thank you for your time.