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Toad 11 long connection problem

After installing Toad 11 I have problem with connection to database (all are 10g as mine default ORA_Home).

Before upgrade all connections were pretty quick.

Now it takes about 10-15 seconds to get response (opened window) from Toad.

  1. I have added exception to ESET
  2. I have disable ESET
  3. Second connection (different database, different server, different user-all non sys) is pretty quicker then initial one-almost like it was before.
  4. Disable to check for DBA_VIEWS on startup.

Any way to make initial (first connection) to be quick as it was before?

My Conf:

WIndows XP SP3, 4 GB RAM


Almost whole GUI is somehow slower (tried to change visual style and no speed) … looks pretty disappointing in this moment.

Could not copy old connections with passwords (

because I’m real fun of Toad and think this is the best tool when you work with Oracle (haven’t tried with other databases), I couldn’t be satisfied with result that new version seems to be worse then one before. So I was experimenting to get the solution in mine problem.

After several hours, finally, I got solved everything, (previous connections, passwords) and speed (general and when starting first connection). All seems to be OK-nice!

Here is what I have done.

  1. Close Toad 11 app
  2. Delete
    “…\Application Data\Quest Software\11” directory, which was previously created with first start of Toad.
  3. Start Toad 11 and when prompted choose copy configuration and give full path from previous release. In mine case that was, which profile is saved in:
    “… \Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\10.6”
    In this way Toad will copy connections, passwords and and many settings from previous release.
    DO not try to copy files manually from one profile dir to another. Seems to me that the main problem was in that I did manual coping files-well geegs do not use GUI but command line-and this seems to be wrong.
  4. After Toad 11 restart itself, when prompted to reset toolbars say “YES”. This would give you a chance to see all (new!?) icons and later to relocate in own way.
  5. If you use UltraMon (software for multi monitors) place exception for Toad with full path and disable all options for Toad 11. Restart Ultramon. I do not get why but when Toad first initialization is in progress, seems to me that Ultramon is making problems in interface speed.

Hope this helps someone …

Damir Vadas