Toad for Oracle version is dead slow

Am using Toad for Oracle version Am connecting 11g / 12c db using 11g client (with Windows 10 as OS). However, when switching between the tables in the Schema browser data tab, the performance is worse and despite data being mere 3-4 rows in the table. Appreciate some help in getting this performance issue resolved.

See this:

Other things you can do:

  1. Uncheck the circled items:
  1. Go to Options-Schema Browser-Data Tab.
    Uncheck "Enable value lookup for foreign key Constraints"
    Uncheck "Highlight columns populated by sequence/trigger pair"

There is absolutely no change despite making the suggested changes. Still see performance lag, which isn't worth considering a smaller table size of just 4 rows.

It looks like Oracle is done executing the query (otherwise the execution time would be bigger) and Toad is hung on something (hence the "not responding").

I'm not sure what's going on, but resetting your user files may help.

You can try to reset your user files. Michael describes how to do that in this thread, and how you can restore some of your options afterwards.

Toad for Oracle version, and the latest Toad Trial version 13.

There is no need to post in both threads. Let's just continue in this one since this is where you started.

Please post the Spool SQL output from Toad 13.1.

OK, so it's starting to seem related to the grid. To verify, you could check that every query in Editor with F9 is slow, not just a few tables, and that the same queries are fast in SQL*Plus.

We had another user post something similar a while back - I'm not sure we ever got to the bottom of it.

If reset user files doesn't help, you might want to open a support case on it.

Absolutely yes. There's a substantial time lag in display of results in the grid, when executed in toad SQL editor for all queries. However, no such lag is witnessed in the older version of toad (v 9.7) and SQL *Plus.

Reset of user settings and restart the machine didn't help me either.