TOAD XML Formatting Issue

I am working with TOAD (upgraded from TOAD 9.7.x) and it seems that XML FORMATTING is not the same as it was with 9.7.x.

Here is the issue… Wiht XML Formatting in TOAD I am able to quickly view and edit the XML’s I am working on. However, in version, this feature is missing.

The only workaround I have found is to copy the XML into another third-party application (such as XMLSpy, etc.), format and edit in the third-pary software and then copy it back over. This can be a large amount of overhead…

In TOAD version 9.7 this was an available feature and worked wonders so I am wondering if this feature is returing or if there is an issue and if anyone else has had the same experience and how they worked around it.

Any insight into why the XML formatting is not available (when it might become available) and how to work around this other than using a third-party vendor software for XML formatting.

Thanks in advance!