toad vs Git

Hi, I installed git client on my desktop, after I confingurated toad to use it .

I create a git repository, ( using command line from ms-dos) alter I create a project called TPW that manage TPW oralce schema.

In my pc all works fine!

So I installed Git in a second PC, I create the same repository present in my pc, and I configurated toad to use git.

When I try to chech-out an object of TPW schema the operation fails with error: Not a valid obhect name HEAD Error: Git

Inot VCS log file I find:


Time Stamp: 17/02/2016 13:46:13

Request: git.exe ls-tree --name-only -d HEAD


fatal: Not a valid object name HEAD


Hi Francesco,

It sounds like something isn’t set up correctly with your Git installation or the creation of your local Git repository. The error being returned is from Git itself, not from Toad.

As a quick test, I would try copying the local repository folder from the first PC which works to the second PC just to see if that fixes the problem. If that doesn’t work, I’d try reinstalling Git on the second PC. I’d also recommend checking Google. It seems other people have had similar errors under specific circumstances, for example:…/fatal-not-a-valid-object-name-master…/fatal-not-a-valid-object-name-master-when-creating-a-new-branch-in-git

There are a number of others as well, but perhaps one of the above two will help.


Hi John

Thanks a lot for your help, I resolve the issue using git clone.

So Toad with git is slow, very slow… :frowning:


Hi Francesco,

There was an issue with Toad 12.8 and Git which caused numerous queries to Git for the config’s user name. This has been fixed in the 12.9 beta. I’d suggest giving the latest beta a try. Much of the engine within Team Coding has been rewritten, so it should perform much faster.

Have you signed up as a beta user yet? If not, you can register as a beta user and download the beta here:…/

We generally produce two public betas a week, so if you come across issues and post them on the beta board, they’re usually addressed pretty quickly.