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TOAD 12 - Regular expression error on Object Search when searching for a term containing a (


I regularly use object search to look for a particular function within all the objects we have defined over several schemas. After upgrading to TOAD 12, searching for

myfunc( , using Occurs anywhere

gives me the following error:

ORA-12725: unmatched parentheses in regular expression

Unfortunately I really wish to search for the open bracket as there is many occurances of myfunc as a term in comments, object name etc. I really just want to find the occurance of the function, hence the (.

Using the option *LIKE- escape * also generates an error if I include the open bracket.

ORA-01424: missing or illegal character following the escape character

Is there any option new to Toad 12 (or old but now defaulted in Toad 12) that I need to switch off?