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Compare Schemas - Object filtering, "Like" cannot escape underscore wildcard in name


TOAD, Windows.

I am comparing two schemas with a large number of objects, which uses the naming convention of


I want to filter table and view names which start with ‘T_%’ and ‘V_%’ (global table or global view) however, I want the underscore to be preserved rather than a wildcard (any single char), so need to escape it.

There is no option to provide an escape character in either

  1. Filters |Filter by Object Name
  2. Filters |Object Set | Load Rows To Grid | Like

In 2. I can edit the query, adding an escape char, e.g.

and Upper(object_name) like ‘T~_%’ escape '~'

But that gets removed.

As this object naming convention is quite common and Oracle supports wildcard escaping, don’t you think there should be an escape char option on both 1 and 2. above?

Also, shouldn’t this be an option elsewhere too? (grid filtering etc.)


OK, both of these will work in next beta. I didn’t add another edit box for escape char. You can just type something like ‘T~_%’ escape ‘~’ directly into the edit box that’s already there. Just don’t use a semicolon as your escape char because that’s how you set up multiple filters.

The grid is a 3rd party component - I’m not sure how easily we’ll be able to do this there but I’ll look.


I don’t see a way to do it with the grid, but you can at least do this in SB-Tables-Data:

Notice I named the filter “Starts with T_”. After that, the filter can be recalled by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the filter icon. This filter saved on a per-table basis.


OK thanks.

Another point on the Schema Compare | Filter - the whole Object Set grid is extremely cumbersome, if you are trying to uncheck / check certain objects and you have many thousands (which most production DBs do) it is practically unusable. There should be a Check All / Uncheck All selected option (select multiple lines and apply the checkbox operation), or clicking on one checkbox if multiple lines are selected, applies that clicked checkbox state to all, and even an Check / Uncheck All showing, so that you can use grid filtering and apply the checkbox option to those in view. Anyway, at least some way of multiple checkbox changing rather than one by one…


Right-click in the column header of the checkmark column. You can check/uncheck all/selected.

Anywhere in Toad that you find a checkmark in a grid, that should be there.

Edit: You know, this isn’t the first time someone has asked about this. I’m adding check/uncheck all/selected to the popup menu that appears in the regular grid area, if you right-click in a checkbox column.