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TOAD 13.2 - Error in Execute as Script (EurekaLog)


recently I have upgraded to TOAD 13.2 for Oracle (32-Bit).

If I try to install an APEX-Application via Script (I am loading the script into the Editor and press F5 (Run as Script)).
After that I am getting the attached EurekaLog-Error and the Exception:
External exception E06D7363.


In sqldeveloper I can run the script without an error.


  • Cord

Hi Cord,

How large was the script you were trying to run (size-wise)? We have noticed a few instances where exceptions were raised while executing larger than normal scripts. I'm not yet sure if this is caused by recent upgrades to current operating system versions or not.


Hi John,

thank you for replying.

The file size could be the key. The one that throws the exception is ~20 MB big and contains some report templates.
A smaller file (700 KB) loads without problems.

Will there be further investigation from Quest?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Cord,

That seems consistent with what we've been seeing here as well. Scripts that are over approximately 7.5MB in size seem to give trouble. We are continuing to investigate possible solutions, but currently the best workaround is to break the script apart into smaller scripts of around 7.5MB or less.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will continue to work on a better solution for this issue, and will post an update when we know more.



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