Toad 6.5: Default database is not set for appropriate connection

When I go into another database via another connection, and open a new Editor window, the 2nd connection still refers the database to my first connection.

Steps to replicate (assuming you’re creating single connections per database - one for production, one for test, one for development, etc):

  • Close or disconnect all your connections
  • Open one connection to your production database
  • Open another connection to your development or other database
  • Press CTRL-N (new editor)
  • Note the default database it’s referring to on the top bar. It should be the 2nd connection’s database (ie: development or test)
  • Now re-open the first connection to your production database
  • Press CTRL-N for another editor window
  • Note the default database showing on the top bar. It should be the 1st connection’s database (ie: production). It’s not! It’s still referring to your development database.
    The only way around this (and I am thinking this is something the developers did not expect users to do - to be creating one connection per database), is to create ONE connection and refer to the databases in it from there.

So one database connection referring to multiple databases. Upon selecting your database from the one connection, the editor window does the correct thing and refer the database pointer to the correct database.

But if that’s the case then what’s the point of color schemes per connection!?


Thank you very much! I also think this is a issue. And I have ceate issue TSS-707 for this.

We will try to fix it.

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Thanks Kelly.

I have found a new issue which is similar to your post

For now, we can double click to seleted a connetion in Connection Manager.

When the connection is selected ,the connection name character will be bolded.

The other operations ( like open a new editor ), will base on the selected connection.

I hope these can help you.

For TSS-707, we will discuss if it can be improved. Do you have some ideas?

If you have more question or need more help please feel free to contact us. thank you!

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I have faced the same problem 2 years ago. And it’s automatically solved.