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TOAD 6.5: bug with Connection Manager color scheme


Just one of many bugs I am sure to find now that I am playing with TOAD 6.5.

  • Create or edit a database connection in the Connection Manager.
  • Choose your Category and choose a color (I use red for Production)
  • Do the same with another database (test or development), but choose a different color scheme (say green for development)
  • Now close all connections
  • Close TOAD
  • Start TOAD again
  • Open one connection
  • Now open the other connection.
    The color scheme does not change between connections. It should, to reflect that I’ve changed from one to the other. This used to work in TOAD 6.1.



Thank you very much!

We have create the issue TSS-604 and put it into 6.6 Release plan.

Best Regards,



Thanks again Kelly.