Toad authentication with database

Please advise how toad authenticates with Database to validate the user and passowrd.
Does the authentication communication between toad and database encrypted. what protocol the authentication occurs and what port is used.

If an Oracle client is used, Toad does not send anything to the server. It communicates only with the Oracle client, and the Oracle client communicates with the Oracle server. The Oracle client (and server) have their own settings for various types of ports and encryption.

Read the "What Are the Oracle Database Built-in Password Protections?" section here in Oracle documentation.

If you want more security, you can use TCPS or SSH, and/or configure Oracle Data Encryption and Integrity. These are supported both with and without an Oracle client. See this post.

Thanks . One mores question, is he communication between Toad and oracle client encrypted.
Does toad force these setting for oracle client

We don't really communicate with the Oracle client in the sense of data sent over the network.
Toad loads the oracle client into memory and we access it directly. We do not force settings on the client.

thanks a lot for quick response.

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