TOAD Data Modeler in TOAD?

I’m trying to clarify how TOAD Data Modeler now relates to TOAD. It
currently seems to be included as part of all TOAD versions, and the web site
mentions it that way (see below).

So we mentioned to our Quest rep that we thought we should drop TDM from our
support package since that was now part of our TOAD bundle. We had originally
purchased TDM as a stand-alone product, along with PL/SQL Knowledge Base,
Formatter, Debugger, etc. (we go way back!), and they’re all quoted as
separate items on our maintenance invoice.

Our rep told us TDM as part of TOAD is just a promotional offer and will not be
permanent. That if we drop TDM support, it will be un-supported when the
promotion ends.

From the Quest web site:

Yep – that’s how it works. It’s not free forever – just
during the promotion. And maintenance is not included as part of the free promo.

I suggest you use your common sense, if you know what I mean J You
shouldn’t be paying maint on the Kxperts or the Formatter anymore.

‘Debugger’ is synonymous with the Professional Edition – you
still get features there you wouldn’t get otherwise. But going forward, if
you just want Toad + the PL/SQL debugger, I’d suggest going with Standard