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Toad Data Modeler: Update Model from Database

I am new to the Toad Data Modeler. I have created a couple for ERDs through this tool. I would say this is a wonderful tool. But after creating the ERDs, there are a couple of changes in the database. I have designed the model in a printable format with great difficulty (as I am not a good designer). But once the change is made, I am not able to revise my ERD. I have tried it through Update Model from Database (I got this idea from a different thread)

Unfortunately, that is not working for me. When I am trying with this. It is asking me to select the tables again from the scratch. Please let me know whether I am doing anything wrong or this is the way the tool behaves. Is there a better way to do that. If I am not clear, please go through the above link. I have the same question that he had.


if I understand you lost your layout(positions of entities and others). Are you sure, that you are do “Update Model from Database” instead Reverse and Merge?

“Update Model” function is in “Main Menu - Model - Update Model from Database”. This function is not modify graphics in existing model.

Second choice is to do Reverse and Merge, but in Merge operation you need to unselect all graphics nodes. Root Node for graphic is Workspaces in “Item Selection” frame.


Daril, thanks for the reply. As I mentioned in the topic initially, I am not an expert in this tool. My understanding is like, when I need to update the model based on the latest DB changes I just need to run the wizard “Update Model from Database”. Is this correct? or do I need to select the entire tables again to create the diagram?


yes you are correct. Maybe what can be for you confusing, is that you need to select, what tables you want to update.

Update Wizard is composed from two part

  1. reverse eng.

  2. Merge

In point 1 you need select what tables do you want to reverse. Very often in database are a lot of table, that are not in user model. By Selecting only subset you will have better performance.

In point 2 you can select what you want update. By default are selected all changes.


You can have in Database 100 tables, but your model can be only subset of this database for example 10 tables. If in your model are present all tables from database you can select all.