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Can I update an already existing ERD?


Hi all,

I am new to Toad Data Modeler.
I have built a big ERD using reverse engineering.

The database has been altered quite a bit after that, like addition of new columns/constraints to tables. I need all those changes to appear in the same ERD.
Is it possible for me to alter the same ERD, or do I have to build a new one all over again.

Need help.



You can merge those changes back into the existing ERD - the steps depend on your TDM version (it changed a little recently) …


I am using Toad Data Modeler 3.4
Is there any document you can point me to?


Online help -> TOC -> -> Synchronization -> entire topic

Online Help -> TOC -> Physical Model -> Reverse Engineering -> Model Update


Thanks that was really helpful.



Just additional info.
You can perform model update directly via Model | Model Update.
Or you can do RE -> a new model is created, and then model merge. Flash movie on model merge:




The question is unanswered.



I tried using the Model Update. But, it did not serve my purpose. Or rather I am not sure if I used it correctly.
What it allowed me to do was, add new entities (tables) to the existing ERD.

Can I use this Model Update to update changes in the already existing entities?
For ex, if I have an an already existing entity A in an ERD, to which I add a few more columns, modify the existing columns.
Is there a way I can apply these changes to the entities in already existing ERD, without creating a new one?



Model Update allows you to update items in your existing model. The only thing that cannot be recognized is when you rename objects. Comparison is based on object names, that’s why when you rename entity or attribute, it will appear in the comparison as new item.

In general, the Model Update feature (menu: Model | Model Update) contains a combination of two wizards, Reverse Engineering and Sync & Convert Wizard. In the second part of the Model Update process you can specify what to do with modified items.