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Toad Data Point 3.5 (previously Toad for Data Analysts) Now Available

As a Toad for Oracle user, you or someone from your team might have used the old Toad for Data Analysts product for cross-platform query and reporting. The product has since been renamed to Toad Data Point and we’ve recently released the latest version of the product - Toad Data Point 3.5.

Toad Data Point has quickly become a really robust data provisioning tool and grown from just being used as a cross-platform database SQL query tool. The tool is now the fastest growing product in all of Dell Software and used for everything from aggregating data from not only from Oracle, but Hadoop, Salesforce, Teradata, OBIEE, SAP Business Objects, Amazon RedShift, and others, and being used for desktop data integration, data cleansing, data visualization, and to automate reporting. If you haven’t seen Toad Data Point (or Toad for Data Analysts) in a while, then check out the latest release. You can download a free-30 day trial at

In the meantime, check out some of the great new features in Toad Data Point 3.5

Expanded data sourcesToad Data Point has always been on the forefront of adding support and data connectors to the sources that you require. And in this release, we’ve made one of the biggest enhancements to the number of data sources we connect to with by providing a host of new BI and NoSQL connectivity, including Google Analytics®, Azure® DataMarket, Azure Table Storage Service, Cassandra®, OData®, DynamoDB®, SimpleDB®, Apache® HBase®, MongoDB®, and Microsoft® SharePoint® . With Toad Data Point Pro and above, you can now join data from all these different sources without ever leaving the tool. Watch New connection interface in Toad Data Point 3.5 to see this new feature in action, or watch How to connect to Google Analytics in Toad Data Point

Improved collaboration and sharingThe Power to Do More is Dell’s mantra and what we aim to do across all of our Toad products. And that’s why we’ve enabled you to share your Toad Data Point files with other users. You can drastically do more and improve productivity by sharing and collaborating with other Toad users on queries you’ve written, datasets you’ve created , data visualizations, ER diagrams and more. Don’t let your team work in a silo - work together and share all the great reports you have built with Toad Intelligence Central.

Improved Salesforce supportRunning complex reports in Salesforce is challenging at best. Blending that data with your Oracle or Access data is even harder. That’s why we’ve created connectors to - to make it easy for you query and join that data with other sources. We received a lot of feedback from you and what you needed to be successful with Salesforce, including single sign on. With this latest release, we have enabled single sign-on with your corporate credentials when connecting to Salesforce®. Watch How to connect to Salesforce in Toad Data Point

General enhancementsThese are just a few of all the new features in Toad Data Point. Additional fixes and enhancements can be read in the release notes.

Want to upgrade to this release? Just go to to get the latest build. New to Toad and want to give it a spin? Then try out the ultimate in data provisioning tools and download Toad Data Point 3.5 at

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