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Toad Data Point Data Profiling

I am working with the Profile capabilities in Toad Data Point. I have created a query that gives me a result set. I click on Profile and it does work....but it does not give me a Full Profile. I click on Full Profile and it comes back and said it's not available....I need the Professional Version. I've been told that Toad Data Point 5.1.206 is a Professional I'm confused why I can't see full data profiles

Hey Jim,

There's two things to look at: your TDP version and your TDP Edition. The Edition (Professional or Base) controls what features are included in your TDP product. Judging from your description, it sounds like you only have the Base edition. The Professional Edition would allow you full profiling. Do a quick check of your license by clicking on "Licenses" in the upper right of the product, click "Manage Licenses" and verify your edition.

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