Toad Data Point 5.1. No export to MS Access?

Was the option to export data into MS Access removed with version 5.1? i no longer have an output format of MS Access on my export wizard since i got the upgrade. Is there a workaround? please help

Hi! I am looking at my Toad Data Point 5.3 installation and I see the choice of Access in my Export Wizard. I'll see if I can find a copy of 5.1 to test as well.

Okay - found a copy of 5.1.7 (excuse the background :wink: ) and it is still showing Access as a output in export wizard

Apparently i have TOAD data point and i do not have that option.... Hmmm...

If you are still on maintenance, you can download the latest release from

which DB are you using? Are you exporting throught right-clicking into you result set or by clicking the big button in Toad?

Its a company account so i have to wait for my IT team to get back with me for the next release. Thanks anyways.