Toad Data Point_Beta_4.0.0.432 is now available

Installer is available on the TDA Community website:…/toad_data_point_beta_program

Release notes are pending.

TDP Development Team

Any word on the release notes?

Here is the list of issues fixed in the last beta, we will post the release notes with new beta which should be posted on Monday next week.


Cross-Query Error using Access and SQL Server


Cannot execute SQL containing carriage return (new line) in Local Storage


When profiling a large result set, Toad now warns if the temporary directory is low on free space.


Added an informative message when the user attempts to create a connection to an Excel file or Access database and the 32-bit ODBC driver is not installed.


In the Alter Table dialog Columns page, the Collation field for a column now displays the current collation setting and the list of available collations, as expected.


When exporting from a query or query file to a Fixed Column Width output, specifying a fixed width size now works as expected.


Corrected an issue that caused an error when using Export Wizard to Excel file or Quick Export | Excel Instance from the data grid in the Data tab.

Hope this helps. Thanks.