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Connecting to Local Storage causes Oracle account to be locked


I used the Cross-Connection Query Builder to create a query using my Local Storage database and an Oracle database.

I do not store my Oracle passwords in Toad Data Point.

I changed by Oracle password.

I am able to connect to the Oracle database in DataPoint.

If I have the Oracle database connected, and then connect to the Local Storage database, Data Point locks my Oracle account.

Is Datapoint storing my old Oracle password in the Local Storage database?
If yes, how do I remove them?

This problem is preventing me from using DataPoint. I will use Toad for Oracle until this problem is resolved.




TDP does not store passwords in Local Storage but it keeps passwords in memory during a session.
Could you please provide more information how you changed the password?
Did you execute ALTER USER user_name IDENTIFIED BY new_password from TDP SQL Editor?
In this case you have to reconnect to forget the old password.



Hi Aleksey,

Thanks for the reply! I think that I found the cause of the problem. I am using both Toad for Oracle and Toad DataPoint. My VM was restarted causing my database connections to be hung. I use a corporate web site to reset my Oracle passwords. I guessing that the Toad for Oracle hung connections caused the problem.



Hi Andy,

I am glad that you resolved the issue and hope that you continue using TDP.