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Are there any plans to improve project management in TDP? Currently there's no way to sort or organize projects within a single project file efficiently and there's only an XML file that is cumbersome to make changes to if organization is needed.

Using a single file per project is the obvious alternative, but it slows workflow down when maintaining multiple projects within one file allows for faster movement back and forth between them.

So true, even I want Toas to improve the project management part in TDP, just making it a slow process to maintain a single file one by one.

Qevin J. Hodge

Hi - we do have plans to improve the project manager, but not on our immediate roadmap. We are currently prioritizing finishing up Toad Data Point Workbook - improving the functionality and improving its ability to publish to Toad Intelligence Central - and then we are adding connectors rto Snowflake and MSAS Tabular data.