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Toad Data Point slow to open Project Manager file


I have 190 KB (Yes-KB - not MB) Project Manger .TPF file that takes 1-2 minutes to open… If I close TDP with that file open/active and try to re-open, it takes close to 5 minutes to just open the program. I’ve tried re-creating the file outside of TDP, and i’ve tried different local and LAN locations (it was in a LAN location so I can use the same file with multiple VM’s) and have seen no improvement.

If I connect to an empty TPF file, it takes about 8 seconds to open. Is a 190kb really too big for TDP to handle?


One of the things we do is check to see if each file exists. Do you have many links to files that no longer exist? Those take a bit to resolve. The other thing is to use subprojects. One tpf file can contain multiple projects. You just point to one at a time. When loading I think that we only add nodes for the current project. Not sure on that one.

The project manager is not something that we are planning to enhance or optimize. Instead, In this next release we are adding a Libary window where we tag and organize files in a different way. You can download the Beta and take a look. I think the help file is done on this section and so will explain. I have a video coming up but it hasn’t gotten through the multi-media department,