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Toad Data Point query export ERROR [42000] [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]


I’m exporting a query in Oracle database, simple stuff, SELECT NAME FROM EMPLOYEE. Exporting the query result grid to Access .mdb. In the final step of Export Wizard I’m getting ERROR [42000] [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error in string in query expression.

There’s no syntax error in SELECT NAME FROM EMPLOYEE. I would guess that there is some kind of translation problem from Oracle data to Access. Is there a fix?



Try to write the query with full qualified name of objects…



If that doesn’t work please see support and they can assist.


Right, thanks, I should have been more clear that the query is running just fine, which is why I have something to export. The problem is in the export process. I also should have been more clear that I’m using “SELECT NAME FROM EMPLOYEE” figuratively, as an example of the simplest possible query, it’s not literally SELECT NAME FROM EMPLOYEE. The workaround was to export to Excel, but it would be really nice if the export to Access worked. This error is all over the Internet, all fingers are pointing to Microsof but nobody seems to have a solution.

Debbie, thanks for the suggestion to call support, they’re great at solving solvable problems but not great when the problem is a bug to be reported and tracked. I don’t want to hear “I’m sorry we couldn’t help you”, I want to hear “I’m sorry we couldn’t help you, and I will report this to our developers”.


Mnnn…well the forum goes straight to Dev. For me to dig into this further I need EXACT SQL statement so I can replicate the issue. On the last page of the Export there is a hyperlink that opens up a window and shows a log file. Can you reproduce the error and send me this log file? This should give me the exact error and include the SQL of what it is trying to do. I would be happy to see if there is a work around. We are probably trying to make a table with column names that Access doesn’t like and we just need use an alias or do something on our side.