Access Violation in Toad Module when importing MS Access data

Hey all,

I am using Toad for Oracle 16.2 - 64bit version to export data from a table in MS Access format - I use Access 365 also 64 bit.

The export works ok, the MS Access file is created and I can open it and browse the data.

However when I am trying to import this file in another table using the same Toad for Oracle, I get an error - Access Violation at address 0000000000000004FD3D6F in module Toad.exe. Read of address 00000000000

Any idea how to fix this?


Ran through a quick test to...

  1. Export table to Access (pretty much using default settings)
  2. Clone an empty version of the table
  3. Import Access file (accdb) to the clone.

No problems encountered, so could not reproduce.

For your consideration:

  1. Upgrade to the latest 16.3 version of Toad to see if your import is successful.
  2. Are there any out-of-ordinary settings on export or import you're using?
  3. Can you use another interim file type to accomplish your export/import?
    (e.g. push to CSV and then pull from CSV into your target table, etc.)
  4. Might be able to use an Access ODBC driver to import within the wizard.

Hi, sorry I missed this yesterday.

In addition to what Gary said -

Maybe it's related to the data. Does it work with a small, simple table?

Also, please see this post about getting an error log. That memory address doesn't tell us anything. But if you can get me a call stack, I might be able to identify the problem.


Hey Gary and John,

Thanks a lot for your replies.

I had more time to play around with this and I pinpointed the problem to a single column that causes the issue, moreover that column is mostly nulls and has only 3 distinct values ... Checked the values one by one and I found which one was causing the issue ... but now the Twighlight Zone starts, I can't explain what is going on ...

If I create an empty table with only one column and I insert that particular string to it, if I export the data and import it I get no error. But if I export only that particular cell to Access and then I try to import it then it generates the error. Funny is if I export the data as insert scripts, then that value has no special character inside, everythign is exactly like I typed it ...

I think there is something weird going on maybe with the original cell ... but I think we can skip further investigation unless you have some other idea :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

You could try using a "DUMP" to examine the exact data in the cell. Maybe it's slightly different than what you are doing with insert statements. If you can come up with a script to create a table so I can reproduce it, please send it.