Toad Data Studio 1.0 is now GA!

We are happy to announce that the Toad Data Studio 1.0 release is now generally available!

Toad Data Studio is an all-in-one solution for managing multi-platform database environments. Toad allows you to maneuver through different environments in one IDE completing tasks like heterogenous data compare, homogenous schema compare, data profiling and more. Notable Features:

  • Connects to nearly any data source, including top on-premises and cloud relational databases, popular NoSQL sources and more.
  • Quickly generate SQL for existing objects with one-click SQL generate for basic statements and easily create DDL.
  • Full feature SQL Editor supports standard SQL syntax and data source specific dialects.
  • Read and edit JSON and XML fields directly within table fields or in their own separate editing window.
  • Schema compare compares and synchronizes one-to-many schemas, giving you more flexibility in schema comparisons.
  • Toad’s easy-to-use version control with Git ensures versioning of your objects when sharing database projects across your team.
  • Provides robust Data Comparison capabilities across different environments for more enhanced synchronization and version control.
  • Automate desktop as well as publishing live automation into a server environment.

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Download a free 30-day full feature trial edition from our product trial page.

For all of our existing customers, to download the latest release Toad Data Studio, visit Toad Data Studio - Download Software. To download the latest release Toad Data Studio Subscription, visit Toad Data Studio Subscription - Download Software.

View the Release Notes, Installation Guide and User Guide for complete specs and guidelines.


Where can I find a product comparison sheet between Toad Data Studio and Toad Data Point?

When will these products support MariaDB 10.11.4?

Hi, we don't currently have a comparison sheet between the two products.

We plan to have two releases this year for Toad Data Studio and would like the support of the latest edition of the top connectors including MariaDB. We're currently working with engineering on this. We'll update the user community once we have a confirmation.