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Toad for SQL Server 6.7 is released

New Features in 6.7

Schema Compare

You can now generate a detailed report of the comparison result. Click the new Report button on the Schema Compare Schema Comparison window.

Database Backup / Restore

For connections to SQL Server 2014 and later you can now Backup Database to Windows Azure and Restore Database from Windows Azure. The options are provided in the Backup Database dialog and Restore Database dialog.

Memory Optimized Table

For connections to SQL Server 2014 and later you can now select Table type MemoryOptimizedTable from the Columns page when you Create Table.

Query Development

Display Multiple Results in a Single Grid

  • When a query returns multiple results, you can now display all results in a single grid. When multiple results are displayed in a single tab, select All results to display all result sets in a single grid, or use CRTL+Clickto display only the selected sets.

    To enable/disable this feature, go to Tools | Options | Database | Script Result. Select All in one taband then select Enable all results view.

Background Processes Icon

  • The animated background processes icon has been enhanced to provide a clearer indication that a window is associated with a currently running process.

    For each Query Builder or Editor document with an active background process, this animated icon displays in the window’s tab. This allows you to quickly see which windows have executing statements.

Database Management

Data Compare

  • The Data Compare project file has a new XML format. The file extension (.dcp) remains the same. New Data Compare projects you create are saved using this new XML format. Data Compare files created in previous versions of Toad are supported. However, if you open a Data Compare file created in a previous version of Toad, the file is converted to the new XML format.

    Important: Beginning with this release, if you create or modify a Data Compare project in an Automation script that runs against a password-protected database, you must save the password in the Toad connection. To save the password, right-click the connection in the Connection/Navigation Manager and select Properties. Enter the password and select the Save Password option.

  • Because the Data Compare project is now in XML format (instead of a binary file format), the file is easier to read when opened and reviewed in a text editor.


Send Email Activity - Authentication in Non-SSL Connection

  • You can now use the Email Server Settings dialog in the Send Email activity to authenticate your connection even if you are not using an SSL/TLS connection. Previously, the User name and Password fields in this dialog were enabled only when the Use Secure SSL/TLS connection option was selected.

    Now, you can enter a user name and password to authenticate with non-SSL connection.

Send Email Activity - Use Wildcard Characters to Select Attachments

  • You can now use the asterisk (*) and question mark (?) wildcard characters, as well as variables, in a file name to help you select one or more files (in the same directory) to add as attachments. To use this method, do the following:
    1. After clicking the Add Attachments button in the Send Email activity, click the browse button in the File Collection Editor.
    2. Browse to and select one of the files to set the path and the base file name. Click Open in the browse window.
    3. Then, in the File Collection Editor, modify the selected file name (in the right pane) by using wildcard characters and/or variables. Toad will use this modified name to select attachments when the script runs.

Data Compare Activity

  • The Data Compare activity now includes a variable that returns True or False based on the outcome of the comparison. This allows you to easily determine whether or not the comparison was equal without reviewing the generated report. In addition, you can use the variable to trigger other tasks later in the script, such as with an If Condition activity.

Run Program Activity

  • A return code (exit code) with a value of 16384 (4000 hex) or larger is no longer treated as an error by the Run activity.

    Background: In the previous release, any non-zero return code (exit code) was treated as an error by the Run activity. So if you used any non-zero exit code returned by your program (and assigned to the Return Code Variable) to determine actions in a subsequent activity, your script would also generate an error. Also, this method required disabling the Stop on Error option for the activity or script.

    Now, when a non-zero code is returned, you can use your program to generate a custom return code and specify a value of 16384 (4000 hex) or larger. This value will not generate a script error. In addition, if you use this method you can enable the Stop on Error option for the activity or script, if necessary.

Import and Export

Export Wizard

  • When entering a query in the Export Wizard query editor, pressing the ENTER key now creates a new line instead of attempting to advance to the next page of the wizard.
  • Code completion is now available in the Export Wizard query editor.


Page Setup

  • Margin settings in File | Page Setup are now retained between Toad sessions.
    The Library

This release includes a new interface for organizing and accessing your Toad files—the Library.

  • Adding files to the Library is easy. Open the Library (Tools | Library). Click Add to Library and then browse to and select one or more files. You can also drag files or a directory to the Library window to add files.

  • When you add a file to the Library, you can add tags and a topic to the file to make it easier to search for the file within the Library. You can also group and filter files by tags and topics in the Library.

  • Each file is added to the Library, but remains in its original location. A reference to the file is added to the Library and includes the file name, file path, file type, date created, and date modified.

  • As the number of files in your Library grows, use filter, group, and search features to easily find the files you need.

  • If you select Automatically add files to Library on open in Tools | Options | Environment | General, you can add tags and a topic in the Save As dialog when you save any file in Toad.

  • You can run an Automation script from the Library. Right-click the script and select Execute.
    Version Control for Files

This release has re-implemented version control for Toad files. Toad can integrate with your existing version control system allowing you to manage multiple versions of Toad files.

  • After you integrate Toad for SQL Server with your version control system, you can perform version control tasks directly from within Toad for SQL Server, such as commit your changes or retrieve the latest file revision from the remote repository.

  • Toad supports Apache Subversion™ for managing Toad files. Toad has been tested with Subversion 1.7.5 and 1.8.

  • You can manage the following file types using version control within Toad for SQL Server: Editor (.tef, .sql, .txt), Query Builder (.tsm), ER Diagram (.ter), and Automation (.tas).

  • To get started with version control in Toad, run the Version Control Wizard. To open the wizard, right-click the document tab of a supported document type and select File Version Control | Version Control Wizard.

  • After configuring version control, to add a file, right-click the document tab and select File Version Control | Add file to working folder.

  • The Repository Browser (Tools | Repository Browser) allows you to view all files in the repository. From the Repository Browser, you can open files, commit changes, retrieve the latest revision of a file, and check the status of one or more files.

Resolved Issues and Enhancements in 6.7

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release.


Resolved Issue

Defect ID

Object Explorer
Corrected a problem where in Object Explorer, clicking Refresh from a parent node in the tree failed to display newly created child objects to that parent. (databases for example)

Fixed an issue showing the connection category color in Object Explorer.
Fixed a problem in the Object Explorer where the Last Updated date showed no values.
Corrected a problem in the visual display of Object Explorer | View Detail | Trigger tab on clicking Create / Create Like / Alter.
Database script
Corrected a problem where the file name of a data file added to a database from the Files tab was incorrectly named in the database script.

SQL Server 2012 / 2014
Importing connections from the SQL Server Management Studio is now supported for SQL Server 2012 and later.
The SQL Debugger Setup Wizard is now supported for local and remote SQL Server 2012 and 2014 SQL instances.

Permissions are now corrected for SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014 connections.

Corrected a problem where securables were not shown on a database role.

Build DDL Script
Corrected Build DDL Script Connection Error.

Import Wizard
Corrected a problem where the text was difficult to read on the Import Finished > Import data summary results dialog from the Tools ->Import ->Import wizard.
Toad Editor
On typing the Use command in the Toad Editor, code completion now wraps database names in brackets by default.

Corrected a problem where large SQL queries were run in the background during code completion.
Corrected a problem where the code completion column width would reduce to the point of being unreadable.
Corrected problem with Options | Editor | Tools | Clear messages before executing script when only a portion of the script was executed.
Schema Compare
Schema Compare summary no longer reports differences in the constraint name when the ignore option is selected.
Exception on saving a schema comparison is now corrected.
Corrected a problem comparing two databases where one database included a procedure with a server link. The problem caused a Script Execution Error
Corrected a problem where on Schema Compare Generate script the script missed setting constraints for the primary key.
Corrected a problem comparing two tables where the script failed on adding multiple defaults to a column.

Corrected a problem comparing two tables where the script failed on adding a foreign key constraint twice.

Corrected a problem where the instruction to print from the Server Compare Tab caused an exception.

Enhanced Schema Compare reports with the checked / unchecked state of each object.

Enhanced Schema Compare with a Schema Report that is viewable outside of Toad for SQL Server.

In the Schema Comparison dialog the three types of indexed have been clarified as: “Indexes”, “Indexes (XML)”, and “Indexes (Spatial)”.
Corrected performance issues when comparing a large database with many objects.
View Details of Jobs
Exception on View Details of Jobs is now corrected.

Exception - Specified cast is not valid - on opening View Detail | Script of a SQL Agent Job is now corrected.

Exception on opening the storage tool is now corrected.
Corrected a problem where on the History tab the displays for the date and duration columns were unformtted.
View Details for database user
Corrected Collation conflict for a database user on View Details | Securables: Cannot resolve the collation conflict between “SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS” and “French_CI_AS” in the equal to operation.

Corrected a problem where View Details on a user-defined table type showed an exception.
Corrected a problem entering data into a table (data grid), on entering a number into a column in time format the column value showed in date time format.

Corrected a problem where the generated scripts on the Script tab failed to detect changes following Alter a column data type or Table Properties.

Exception corrected on Profiling tab for a table that contained string values that were numeric except for values that contained nothing but spaces.

Corrected a problem when creating indexes from the details view of a table where the index creating dialog hung.
Corrected a problem where if the colum datatype was set as datatime2 with length 0 the generated scripts reset the length to 1 automatically.
Query Result set
As an enhancement, you can now use Toad to display results from more than one query at the same time when multiple queries are selected and run. This makes for easy comparison between results from two different queries / tables.

Excel Import / Export
The Multiple Excel Instances Available dialog is re sizable to cater for long filenames. To open this dialog when multiple Excel spreadsheets are open: Select a table in Object Explorer -> right click ->View Detail ->Data Tab page > right-click a result set in Toad and choose: Quick Export > Excel Instance > Excel Instance At Active Cell.

Corrected a problem where Import text from Excel (column type nvarchar(50) or text) failed and showed null in data grid.

Corrected a problem where on using Active Directory credentials to connect to a Toad connection an exception is thrown after the password is changed
Toad now allows Oracle linked server where the database name is set as null.

Toad also allows Select * from synonyms

Corrected a problem with Toad for SQL Server 6.7 beta where an exception is thrown following clicking Options | Environment | Confirmations | Clear Ignored Confirmations.
Version Control
Corrected a problem where for Team Foundation Server Properties the Workspace field sometimes could not be changed.

Corrected a problem where Version Control configuration was not saved when Toad closed unexpectedly.
Corrected a problem for environments where both Toad for SQL Server 6.6 and 6.7 are in use to ensure Toad for SQL Server 6.7 can work as expected with objects committed by Toad for SQL Server 6.6.
Corrected a problem of missing text when using the “Office 2010 Black” skin.

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