TOAD- database monitoring


How TOAD helps us for database monitoring to specific environments, how this tool will assist us to proactively monitor our db for potential issues.


Hi Anandan,

If you are interested in Toad, visit and you will find information there as well as links to the Toad Yahoo groups. Hope you will find it helpful.

As in Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle, we provided 2 modules that will help you find SQL performance problem:

  1. SGA Inspector - It can be used to extract SQL that had been executed and stored in SQL Area. You will be able to use the statistics available from SGA to find poor performing SQL.

  2. SQL Scanner - This module is for proactive performing tuning. It can search through your source code to find SQL statement without requiring you to execute them first. The SQL found will then be classified to different categories (Problematic, Complex, Simple). You can then optimize any SQL with potential performance problem.