Toad datapoint-DBMS Output


At present I am using Toad Data Point in Oracle and using PL/SQL.

I have the following question and if possible please clarify me:

I have written a PL/SQL query in Oracle and using Toad Data Point. The query ran successfully but the report displays in the messages section of Results.

I stuck at this point and not able to create a Excel or Toad report as the next step. I think, I can do it if the query report displays in the datasets section.Is there anyway, I can do it in Messages section. I don’t know whether there is an option exists in Toad data point. Otherwise, is there any possible ways I can get the output file.



I am sorry but I don’t know a way to redirect DBMS Output into a grid.

I’d suggest inserting the report into a temporary table and selecting from the table. In this case you can export the data into Excel or Toad report.

Or you can write directly into a file using UTL_FILE instead of DBMS_Output and after that export the file into Excel.