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Toad Datapoint SSH file key issues for Hive

I tried to setup SSH connection to connect to Hive by using Private key file but I got error on Passphrase. There is no pass phrase. I could use the same private key through SSH but the same file does not work with Toad

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It would be useful to understand what error messages you've received. Without that, is it possibly to connect with just user/password, then? Does an ODBC connection with the keyfile work?

Otherwise, I would contact Quest Support so they can verify any issue, reproduce, and then document any resolution for others.

Hi Gary, I am using trail version (download 2 days ago) . when I login to SSh through Putty there is no password phrase. In Toad data point , I selected Hive Server 1 and put * .ppk file location in Private Key path in Authentication tab. I got following error in connection. I appreciate a lot if you could help.

Missing password Phrase:"You need to enter a password phrase for the SSH connection"


Might have to take this one to Quest Support, Lila. They have the means and the environment to troubleshoot for you, assuming that Toad Data Point allows SSH Hive connections without a pass phrase, which is less secure.

Hi Gary, I did reach out and answer was hive version but toad has option to select different driver, so version difference is not answer. I think it is bug in their SSH mechanism. It looks for key file in host but key is always local file . Is there way to report bug?

From we know
HiveServer was removed from Hive releases starting in Hive 1.0.0 ([formerly called 0.14.1]. Please switch over to HiveServer2.

What's your hive version? you can get the hive version from beeline (when you connect to hive via beeline) or some hadoop web management tools(HDP or cloudera manager).

As Hive server 1 has been removed from hadoop for a long time, I don't think your hive version still support hive server 1.

You can use ssh of putty to connect to hive without user name and password, but when you connect to hive, you should select hive server 2 and leave the username/password blank.

Another way to connect to hive in Toad Data Point is via ODBC, you can install an ODBC driver of hive ,then select the General ODBC connection in Toad Data Point to connect to Hive.

Vincent Hu