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Toad with Debugger

Hi all, I have toad for Oracle but I don't have the debugger. Which toad do I need to have debugger. Is it the professional version ?

All versions of Toad include the debugger.

Do you have the DEBUG CONNECT SESSION system privilege?

Hi John, I am new to Toad, where do I see if I have this priviledge, or how do i set it ? Thanks

Paste this into the editor and then run it with F9.
If you have the privilege, you will see DEBUG CONNECT SESSION in the result grid.

select *
from session_privs
where privilege like '%DEBUG%'

If you don't have it, ask your DBA to grant it to you. If you intend to debug objects owned by other users in the database, you will also need DEBUG ANY PROCEDURE (or the DEBUG privilege on the objects that you intend to debug)

Hi John,

Thank you for the information. I do have those privileges, I will try with a procedure.

I have another question if you don’t mind.

In plsql developper there is a nice tool called Text Importer to import data from a csv file into a Oracle tables.

Is there something similar with TOAD.


To debug a procedure (or package, function or trigger), try this:

  1. Find the procedure in the schema browser.
  2. Right-click and choose "Editor"
  3. Set a breakpoint by clicking on one of the blue dots in the gutter
  4. Click the bug icon here:

To Import data into a table from file on disk:

  1. Find the table in the schema browser
  2. Right-click and choose Data -> Import
  3. There are several import options. The wizard should guide you through it. If you have specific questions about that, feel free to post them.