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Toad Equivalent For SQL Reporting And Analysis


I have a task to locate and analyze most expensive queries in our database. I do it in 2 steps: 1. Using Management Studio I run a few Standard reports like ‘Performance - Top queries by Average CPU’ or ‘Performance - Top queries by Total CPU Time’ and then select a few top queries and try to analyze , after that I do 2. I use ‘Database Engine Tuning Adviser’

My preferred client is Toad for SQL.

My request: could someone please point me if Toad has option to run Standard reports … like Performance … and does Toad have a tool like Database Engine Tuning Adviser?



any ideas ? :slight_smile:


Hi Susja,

I don’t think toad have the functions like standard reports and database engine tuning adviser ,Would you like toad can add these functions? I can write an enhancement for developer.




I think it would be helpful



I have create TSS-632 for it ,we will disscuss for it.Hope this will be added in the furture version of TSS.