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Toad - Extracting schema DDL is SLOW

I and my colleague are using Toad for Oracle 12 pro and I see a big difference in timings while extracting DDL for a schema (esp with all constraints) using my machine vs his.

My machine is - windows xp intel core i5 pro, 3GB RAM

My colleague’s machine is - windows xp intel core i7 pro, 4 GB RAM.

I don’t see any other differences. The same extraction takes 26 mins on my machine vs 5 minutes on his machine.

What could be the reason? Please note that all options are exactly same for the extraction.

Are you both logging into the database as the same user? If not, does one user have privs on the DBA views and not the other? DBA_ views tend to be a lot faster than ALL_ views.

Are there any network differences?

Did you do the extract first, then your colleague? If so, maybe some caching on the database the 2nd time around made the queries go faster.

How much memory is being used by Toad during the process? Maybe your machine is using the pagefile and his is not since he has more memory.

We have different users but same dba profile assigned.

No network differences.

We ran it at different times.

I’ll check the memory usage but 3 gb vs 4 gb doesn’t seem like a big difference.

Thanks for your reply John!

you’re right, 3 to 4 gb is not a big difference, but if when the process runs, your machine is using all of your 3Gb, and is hitting the pagefile, that can really bog things down.

I just ran the extraction on my system -

start time - 3:46 pm

finish time - 4:20 pm

toad memory usage - 140mb

total memory - 3054 MB

total available memory - 1617 MB (free to use)

Total memory in use by all processes - 1437 MB

total cpu usage - 3%

Page File usage - 1.73GB (I’m not sure since when, I guess since I started the system - 6 hours ago) and I’m not sure why is it using page file when it shows total available memory - 1617 MB at the same time.

And I believe that the most time consuming operation is - “Extracting check constraint…”

Would run the same on my colleague’s system when available and share the results.

have you tried pure oracle exp (not expdp) on the same scenario (from his to yours and vice versa)?

Could you ell us timings?