TOAD_FILE_CHUNK split issue (tfo v13.1.0.78)

there’s an issue with file splitting into Toad editor.
For example, i’ve a source file containing a package (header/body).
when i open this file into Toad editor my file is splitted into 3 tabs.

  • first tab with 1 “/<TOAD_FILE_CHUNK>/” tag and nothing else,
  • 2nd Tab with 2 “/<TOAD_FILE_CHUNK>/” tags and package header
  • 3rd tab with 2 “/<TOAD_FILE_CHUNK>/” tags and package body

If i save my file and reopen it into toad editor, 6 tabs are now opened …etc.
This happen whatever the selected options in Toad options / Editor / Open/Save

Thanks for you help

This is fixed for 13.2 and the fix is in place in the current beta if you’re interesting in trying. Sorry for the inconvenience.


As a workaround you can disable the “Use file splitting tags” option on the Editor > Open/Save page in Options. You’ll need to remove any TOAD_FILE_CHUNK comments from your file as well.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I’ll wait until the next Toad update.