Opening files with existing /*<TOAD_FILE_CHUNK>*/

The latest version, 13.1 (didn’t happen in 13.0), has issues opening files in editor with pre-existing written clauses of /*<TOAD_FILE_CHUNK>*/ - those are no longer being respected (causing it to act in odd ways, such as opening an extra blank tab if the /*<TOAD_FILE_CHUNK>*/ is at the top of the package. Further, it is putting additional ones into the file when opened in TOAD (though they are not written to hard drive on save).

Didn’t find any release notes on this - what is the proper TOAD behavior for these pre-written clauses? Is there any way to turn back on the old behavior? We have these littered throughout our code so TOAD plays nicely with them.


Wanted to try one bump since I posted this late in the day and it might have been missed.

Sorry, I saw this and forgot to respond. This was fixed early in the 13.2 beta cycle. If you’d like to try the beta check out this post.


Awesome, you guys are the best, thanks!