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Toad for Data Analysts Beta is now available!

Both an updated 32-bit and an updated 64-bit installers are available on the TDA Community website:

Reminder: A 64-bit installer is for use ONLY on systems that already have a 64-bit IBM client. All other environments should use the 32-bit installer.

The latest list of fixes and enhancements can be found in the Release Notes:

Warning! Starting beta build we renamed “Data Services (Preview)” to “Quest Data Services” in the Connection Manager. Please be aware of the side effect of this change: All connections defined under “Data Services (Preview)” will be lost after current beta is installed over pre- beta. To prevent this, backup Connections.xml file and edit it manually replacing “Data Services (Preview)” with “Quest Data Services” before you run new beta for the first time. Connections.xml file is located in the TDA application data directory (go to Help > About and click Application Data Directory link).

TDA Development Team