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Toad for Oracle saving macros with control characters and not retaining them between sessions

I've recently received a new Windows 10 laptop with Toad for Oracle installed.

All is working as it should except for macro recording.

(1) Saving the macro seems normal, but when I play it back in the same Toad session, it comes back with stacks of control characters, for example:

Save this as a macro called "test":

select * from a_table;

Play it back:

sa��ea��la��ea��ca��ta�� a��*a�� a��fa��ra��oa��ma�� a��aa��_a��ta��aa��ba��la��ea��;a��

(2) In addition, if I close down Toad and restart, any macros I've saved have disappeared.

My user folder is in the usual place:

C:\Users\dalem\AppData\Roaming\Dell\Toad for Oracle\12.8\

I guess there are a couple of set-up issues here but I don't know where to start looking, has anyone seen this before?



Problem solved...kinda.

If I run in Windows 7 compatibility mode all is ok.

Well at least it works now.