Toad for Oracle - Script Manager - storing connections with datafile (.sdf)


We are using Toad for Oracle Xpert version with the DB Admin Module. The supported enviroment is Windows 2008 R2 and Oracle In using Script Manager, my goal is to have 2 datafiles with the same group of scripts, but with different connections for databases in our production and test environments (13 DBs in each). I have selected the option to save and load connections from each datafile, created 2 datafiles, added a script group and list of connections for each (and then re-saved both datafiles). The behavior I was expecting upon opening each datafile was that the connections I had “saved” with that datafile would replace the displayed connections in the Script Manager session. In fact, the connections remained on screen from the prior datafile, or from the prior Script Mgr session. I have looked at help page titled " Executing scripts against multiple connections", but not exactly sure what relationship between spool file and datafile is.

Not sure if there is something I didn’t do, or if there is a problem with Toad functionality. Would appreciate any specific experience.

Thanks in advance.