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Toad for SQL Server 6.6 has been released!


Dear All,

New Features in 6.6

Test Data Generator

Use the Test Data Generator to generate realistic test data to load into your databases.

  1. To open the test data generator click File | New | Data Generator
  2. Create a Test Data Generator project.
  3. Set the scope of the project by setting the Toad for SQL Server connection and database schema.
  4. In the test data generator window:
    i. Test data is generated for ticked tables and columns,

ii. Select a table or column,

c. Set the settings for that selected table or column,

d. Preview and edit test data,

e. Generate test data,

f. Further configure and export.

Query Development

Background Processes

  • The Background Processes pane now identifies the Query Builder or Editor document window (if any) associated with a running process. If you have multiple statements executing simultaneously, this makes it easier to match a running process to its associated document. Click the running process in the Background Processes pane to display the associated document window.

  • In addition, for each Query Builder or Editor document with an active background process, an animated progress icon displays in the window’s tab. This allows you to quickly see which windows have executing statements.
    Analyze Joins

  • Toad now provides a tool to help you analyze and visualize joins in the Query Builder or a Database Diagram. After building a query or a diagram, click the join between two tables in a diagram. Toad profiles the data based on the relationship between the tables and presents the information in a Venn diagram. Click a section of the diagram to view the values represented by that section.
    The Venn diagram also indicates if a join is a Cartesian join. This gives you the opportunity to modify the join before executing the query.

Sort Columns

  • You can now sort columns in a table diagram in the Query Builder. Right-click a table and select Sort. This is useful for finding a column when the table or view has a large number of fields.
    View PDF Files in LOB Viewer

  • You can now view PDF files in the LOB viewing pane in the Database Explorer, SQL Editor, or Query Builder. In the Data tab or Result Sets tab, in a LOB column, open the drop-down LOB viewing pane. If the LOB is a .pdf file, it is displayed in the PDF tab.

Throw Error Activity

  • Automation includes a new activity that allows you generate an error and add a custom error message to the script execution log. In addition, you can instruct Toad to stop or continue after the error is logged. This can be useful if you want to terminate the script when a condition exists that would not normally cause an error.
    Automation Reports and Container Activities

  • In activities that allow you to select files created in previous activities in a script, reports generated in container activities are now visible in the File Collection Editor.

Many thanks again to you all for your input and feedback with v6.6 release. And we can download new release here

Best Regards,

TSS Team



I cant open the release notes.

do you know if the new version have fix for defect TSS-616 ?