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Toad for SQL Server Professional Release History

Hi, is there an available listing of Release dates and versions for 'Toad for SQL Server Professional'?

If so, I would really appreciate sharing this with me.
If not, woudl you be able to answer my immediate versioning question:
If license maintenance expired 31/08/2015, what is the latest version of TSS that the licensee is entitled to run.
And is this version supported for use on Windows10?

I would also be interested in a similar listing for TOAD for SAP if this is available.
I have spent the past few days reading through everything I can on the site and on the web and have found very little specifics about release dates for any versions of software, including the current versions.
I have located the Toad for Oracle Release history file, but again am unsure of how accurate this is, particularly as some versions seem to be skipped.

That would be Toad for SQL server 6.6 with the patch 6.6.1 and Toad for SAP 3.0.
Just ask our support to help you out with installers.
There were some substantial updates to Windows 10 lately so you will need to check with your version yourself.