Toad hangs on Editor

Toad hangs on Editor when loading some packages and types (ADT) from database schema. I was able to reproduce the problem with the same objects. Toad uses 25% CPU time and not responding any keystroke. The only way closing Toad was kill the session from task manager.

I'm using Toad 13.3 GA version -

Hi Tamas, I've sent you a PM with my email if you can send me sample DDL to reproduce.

Does the Editor Navigator populate for that code? Can you determine if there's a query running that's slow or is this all in the Editor? You can enable SQL Spooling to File from Database menu and see what the last query submitted was and see if that query runs quickly on your database, or not. The SQL will be saved to Debug.sql in your User Files folder.


For what it's worth, I have experienced similar issues when I'm trying to load code in the editor and that code is under Team Coding Control, but Toad isn't connected to my back end Version Control Provider.

If you're not using Team Coding or VCS, then no need to read further, but if so, make sure that Toad has connected successfully to the back end VCS, and then try to reproduce the issue.


The latest beta works fine with the sample packages. It can handle the mix use of tabs and spaces in the same object source.


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