Toad Hangs/Pauses for 10 secs every 30 secs

While using Toad for Oracle with DBA Admin Module on Win 7, no matter what you are doing, perusing tables, writing SQL in PL/SQL window etc, every 30 seconds (or so) the product entirely freezes. You can’t do anything with it at all. You can’t change windows; editing is frozen; you can’t drop a file into the editor from Windows Explorer. Nothing works. Its as if the product has entirely crashed. But then after 10 seconds, it all frees up and works as normal. This happens over and over again for the entire time you are using the product. I think Toad may be running some kind of background query repeatedly and becomes unusable while it executes. It just started happening since I upgraded to this version of the product. This is really annoying. Does anyone have a solution?

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This is caused by Toad 11 running a query to allow it to highlight object names in the editor:

SELECT object_name nam, DECODE (object_type, ‘TABLE’, 1, ‘VIEW’, 2, 3) typ
FROM user_objects

This can be disabled by un-ticking the 3 syntax-highlighting options in the Editor configuration.

To disable them:

  1. Go to: View | Toad Options | Editor | Display | Syntax Highlighting
  2. Untick: ‘Highlight table names’, ‘Highlight view names’, ‘Highlight stored procedure names’; press OK.
  3. Disconnect from the database
  4. Reconnect to the database

The background query will no longer run and the hangs/pauses will stop.

(This answer is lifted from information found here: )

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