Toad has detected some symbols within the expression indicating you might be using bind variables


I am new to Toad Data Point and trying to get clever by using some automation.

The Automation tool is giving me this error:

I can't figure out what variable "M" Toad is talking about. I do not have "M" as a standalone variable anywhere in my SQL. What could be triggering this error to occur?

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Would be nice to see the SQL... usually the presence of a colon character (:slight_smile: indicates a bind variable to the database engine...

Designer's Work Requests.sql (4.4 KB)

Gary, please see the attached

OK, thanks. Only thing I can think of is that the presence of the '#' character might be causing an issue? This is because automation variables begin and end with the pound sign.

Try replacing the '#' character with a quick literal replacement (like 'num' or 'nbr') and see if that helps with the error condition.

If not, may need to take this one to Quest Support.