Toad not starting

Toad is not opening , looking for valuable feedback. it is showing petent pending.

Is this the first time you're launching TDP? Has it opened OK beforehand?

I'm guessing some files (or the install itself) got corrupted.

BTW, 5.2 is an older version... what happens when you do a fresh install of 5.4?

I am having the same issue too. I used to have TOAD for DataPoint 4.2 and it used to work fine. It stopped working 2 days back and I requested to have a new version installed. Our Help desk installed version 5.2 and it is still having issues. They asked me to reach out to TOAD Support Team to resolve this issue. Any thoughts on the what the issue is ?

Also how do I get the License Number. It looks like that is needed to open a ticket with TOAD Support team.


Hmmm, very strange... how much memory is on the workstation? If really low (e.g. < 4Gb) then could be a problem... just guessing. At any rate, can you please install the latest version (5.4) and see if this issue still happens?

Also, good idea to open a Support ticket. Your license number (needed to create sign-on for Support) can be found as shown below.

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