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Toad Data Point Pro installation failing

I currently have Toad Data Point installed, and went through my companies procedure to get TDP 5. I was sent a link to download ToadDataPoint_pro_5.0.4.45.exe. After downloading, when I run the executable I just get a message box saying

ToadDataPoint_pro_5.0.4.45.exe has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.

Only option I get is to Close the program. Tried multiple times and restarted computer. Anyone seen this before?


No I have not seen this before. Make sure you are using the "Run as Admin" option when running the installer. Also you could try running the installer with logging and posting the log script.
“ToadInstaller.exe” /S “C:\temp\installLog.txt”

Thanks Debbie! I ended up redownloading, and closed my Outlook(only application that was up when installation failed), and my installation was successful.

Good to hear:sunglasses: