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Toad Oracle Database Health Check Options

I’m interested in possibly using some of the health check options that Toad has for Oracle. I should say that I only have an Oracle standard license for 9i and 10g. Will using the Toad features trigger an audit with Oracle? I don’t need my director getting a huge bill and calling me in.

Toad has interfaces to Enterprise and other pay Oracle features – like

You asked about Health Check – nothing in health check should trigger an
audit. In fact, one of the health checks I think checks for pay features that
have been used that oracle would find in an audit.

If you enabled SQL Tuning Advisor and/or ASH reporting in Toad and then used it
– that would be a ‘no no’, assuming you hadn’t paid for

And Toad displays a huge pop-up after install and first time run that lists all
the optional Oracle stuff you might try to use within Toad and gives you check
boxes to turn them all off so that you never get into grey zone. But if you just
check them all yes in haste, then fault is users. As Jeff said nothing in health
check is an issue – and it does check for some things. But he also makes
another good point – how many people have paid for partitioning?
It’s there in the database by default, I don’t know any way to turn
it off like the OEM add-ons, and people have a tendency to just use what they
see. Oracle could do a much better licensing job so that 3rd party vendor tools
did not have such quandaries and users did not have to worry about such stuff.
But in their defense it’s also nice to see and test drive all their cool
stuff – but again user is responsible for being legal J